March quilt #1 - Bouquet

A month or so ago one of my friends asked me to make a quilt for her daughter. Her birthday is in May, one of several "due" that month, so I started thinking about it early.

As I started working on the one with the larger prints, it seemed the perfect fit and since it ended up bigger, it will be a double birthday present for mom AND daughter. As I mentioned before, this is a pattern is called Rosewater by Sarah Fielke. Mine is a bit more vibrant than what I imagine with the word rosewater, so I went with "Bouquet."

The starter print was the floral on the right hand side in row three in this picture from Momo's Just Wing It collection. Apparently I like pink and orange together because I already had ALL of these fabrics just waiting for me to pick them. It was finally their turn!

I even had enough of the binding fabric, which is rare. I think it is a DSQuilts fabric from JoAnn but I'm not totally sure. Oh, and that broken darning foot. Well I borrowed one from my friend since it was taking forever for the one I ordered to arrive. It broke too. And my order got cancelled. And then I learned on the internet that people break theirs on purpose because of the ridiculous amount of noise it makes. I tried the broken one and it worked fine (but Crystal, I've ordered you a new one!). So strange. Too bad I didn't try my original broken one (which I threw away the day before I made all these "exciting" discoveries).

I also was able to use fabric I had on hand for the backing. I ended up with a couple of Sarah Jane prints and pink butterfly one I bought for one of my daughter's birthday parties. 

So up next is a commissioned quilt with this stack:

I will start it next week (although I did cut that first fabric on the top already). It requires cutting around a curved template so I will give myself a bit of a break--and wait until I have some alone time on my days off. I may do a few more of the wonky scrappy stars over the weekend but it's supposed to be sunny so I'm not making any big plans. Saturday is supposedly National Quilt Day though, so seems like I should do SOMETHING quilty then.
I really don't know who makes up these things.


  1. this is such a beautiful quilt! I love the cheery palette!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation


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