stars of spring

Spring is officially here. Flowers are budding everywhere and we are all sneezing. We've already had tornadoes. It also means soccer pictures mixed in with the quilts.

This one was a fast attempt to take a picture of my daughter making a goal. What I ended up with was a picture of 3 of the 4 players wearing an 8 during that quarter.

My son's game was later in the day in Elk City. It was much sunnier, and hotter, so I only took one picture of him. My husband says this is his Big Foot pose.

I have finished a quilt top, so I sort of have my two finishes for the month. It is for a friend having a baby later this summer, so there is no hurry and have a couple of others that must get done soon. I used a lot of scraps for the stars and the whites. I brought it out and realized I could not see the differences at all in the whites in my house, not like I could hanging it up in daylight. This is patterned after this quilt featured on Wombat Quilts, although I did not cut down the blocks as she did. I made two pink stars also, but pulled those out after I found out it would be for a boy.

I also got a bit off fabric in the mail yesterday, which was a great surprise. I had ordered it but forgot it was on the way.
I ordered my first fabric just for the recipes.

She arranged the others then wanted a picture.

The others.

Some of them were added to this collection, which will eventually be a quilt for our guest room. After I finish those May quilts. And whatever else I start in the meantime.

I'm off to take some boys to soccer practice, and maybe draw a little while I wait. Maybe.