My husband just told me we are having more tornado craziness this week, so before all that starts up again, here are a few glimpses of my Easter this year.

On Friday I joined some of my church members for our traditional Good Friday Secret Church, in honor of the disciples and those now around the world who must meet together to worship in secrecy.
I spent my time mostly on flame/hair patrol, making sure those kids didn't lean a bit to close to those fascinating candles.

They were reading the song lyrics in this picture, and singing along.

Saturday was the Harrell family Easter celebration at my house for the first time ever.

We had awesome weather, which is what I had prayed for most because kids need to play outside. Two of them weren't able to attend but they are all big enough that they need more room to roam.We also hunted eggs in the lot across the street (thank you OU!).

That grownup taking off with the kids was a sub for one of the kids who couldn't be there.

We also walked over to the duck pond to share a little stale bread and terrorize a few geese.

We woke up to the sound of rain--and Easter eggs covering our yard and porch. And I didn't do it! Some sweet somebody egged our yard and even put candy in some of those eggs to share the surprise and joy of Easter--a resurrected Christ--with us.

At church Grace got to sing again this Sunday with her choir buddies. 

It was a fun week with family and friends--and now I am grateful for some quiet time at home this week. Without tornadoes if possible.