another May quilt--fruity patooty

I promise I am not sitting at home sewing all day, but I did finish one more quilt. I decided last week that it was time to make a dent in the scraps from all the other quilts. I cut some 3-1/2" squares, planning to make these type of stitch and flip blocks, but after I cut the squares I really couldn't bring myself to sew all of those together. I also noticed that I would make a larger dent in the scraps if I had chosen 2-1/2".

While watching some tornado coverage with the family last weekend, I worked through some different sixteen patch layouts. My kids even helped. At one point my son asked if this was fabric sudoku, and at that point, yes. After I brought some upstairs to sew them though I changed it around.

It ended up a regular pattern, with the purple diagonal down the middle and the other colors playing off of that. Once the blocks were done, I quickly realized the 6 blocks I had made with the scraps needed something else. Thankfully I had some off white and quickly had a baby quilt pieced together.

The colors remind me of fruit juices--maybe I'm just thirsty. I started to name it Juicy but since it is a baby quilt, and well, I remember too many juicy diaper incidents, it had to be something else. So it's Fruity Patooty. Still not sure about that one either but it is time to move on! This one will be given away as soon as I decide who needs it the most. And wash it. I haven't even washed it yet like I usually do after I finish, but it wasn't raining outside and who knows when the next chance for that would be.

Oh yeah. It has this fluffy flannel on the back to make it extra soft and snuggly.

That is ten quilts for the year, back where I wanted to be (my goal was two a month). After cleaning up my sewing room today and seeing what I have in progress, that should be easy for at least another month or two.


  1. I love alternating the scrappy, colorful sixteen patches with the neutral to calm things down a little bit! And I love having the white to highlight some fun quilting with, I'll have to remember that idea. Awesome finish! :)

  2. Very nicely done, and flannel is always such a nice backing that just oozes snuggle-time!

  3. Love using up scraps but it never really seems to be gone! Love the sixteen patch.

  4. Sweet finish and a great use of scraps, Angela! Love your binding choice. What a beautiful quilt!


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