May quilt 1: stripes for Riley

For the past two years I have been mentoring an elementary student through my church's Kids Hope USA mentoring partnership. She is in 5th grade this year and will be moving on to middle school, so this occasion warrants a quilt! Sometime a few months ago I hauled some magazines to the school and we talked quilts. She drew what she wanted, a zebra striped quilt with her name on it in blue glitter fabric for her bed.

So--here it is. I went with the Crazy Stripes pattern from the book Quilting Happiness, and modified the size to fit a twin sized bed.

The back is a polka dot from JoAnn.

I took the pictures inside my church today because it has been raining A LOT and I did not want mud on this. It also seemed fitting since I wouldn't have known her well enough to make her a quilt without this mentoring partnership between our church and her school. It is an awesome program and a great way for people who care about children to help them get a better chance in life by meeting with them one hour a week, possibly preventing poverty, high school drop-outs, teenage pregnancy, and even trafficking victims.

Hope she loves the quilt! We even match it!


  1. What a wonderful quilt!! And thank you for mentoring a young girl, it will make all of the difference in her life to have had such supportive interactions with you, XX!


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