May quilt #3--for a baby

As a break from the last quilt, I broke open a couple of charm packs of Ansonia fabric and finished up a quilt I had patiently waiting in a bin. I used a disappearing four-patch pattern, which is a four-patch cut up and rearranged as shown in this Youtube video by Missouri Quilt Company. It ended up at around 40" x 48".

It is raining again so indoor pics only:

I decided to go with a polka dot instead of a solid just because. I have liked quilts I have seen that used it, and thought it would work well with the Ansonia fabric.

The backing is also a Denyse Schmidt fabric from her DQ Quilts line at Joann. And probably from the red tag clearance rack since I had enough of it to cover the whole back.

I will probably sell this one, since I don't have any babies in mind for it. But I'll need it to stop raining long enough to get some better pics. {edit: it stopped a bit! now listed here} Too bad I didn't finish it yesterday. I think we only get one sunny day a week right now, definitely not typical Oklahoma weather!