time away

I have been sewing a lot this past week (finishes coming soon!) and haven't taken the time to post much on here. A couple of weekends ago, my son had a second soccer tourney, this time out of town. We were able to stay with grandparents--and they got to see a LOT of soccer.

From one of the Saturday games:

The flowers at my in-laws house were beautiful and inspired my daughter's creativity. In between games, my daughter had art time. She left the deck covered in glitter. Really.

Sunday was more soccer, with an early morning game, a long rest break and then the finals.

They won!

They are a great group of boys and they all had a great time that weekend. They get to play that final team again this weekend (maybe twice) as part of their regular season, and it will be interesting to see the outcome of those matchups. My daughter may have a mini-tourney this weekend as well, her first. I will do my best to finish up at least one of the three "almost done" quilts so that I can post something on here besides soccer before then!