June quilt 1: summer flowers

A summery June quilt:

This one began as I was digging through all of my scraps for the scrap rug. I kept finding lots of long strips I had cut off the edges of quilts after I had finished quilting them. They weren't the right colors for the rug but looked interesting together so I started tacking them up on my design wall. This was on top of another set of fabric so I went to work on it quickly to get it out of the way.

Once I finished piecing the strips, it would have been ok, but really seemed like it needed something else. I had been looking at dresdens and decided to go for it. I did NOT decide to hand applique it on though. I didn't trust my stitching ability and didn't want it to fall off in the wash!
I was able to use a lot of scrap pieces for the petals too. Piecing it together how I laid it out on the table was trickier than I expected but after ripping out one section to try to put it back in the right place, I decided that was enough.

The back is pieced a bit, but not enough to cause seaming problems against the quilt top or detract from it.
I was able to use the off cuts and leftovers from the smaller polka dot for the binding, which simplified my life a bit and kept me from adding back to the scrap bin.

This was not a quilt I had planned but love it and all of it's scrappiness!


  1. That is such a neat idea and it turned out really nice!

  2. I really like this! The flower is a nice touch.

  3. You have inspired me. Love the use of the Dresden.


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