little adventures

This blog post was going to be about a quilt finish, but since it was just the top with one picture, and by the time I had started the post could tell it was going to be completely done by the end of the weekend, I'm gonna wait for that one. It's getting close though.

One of my plans for the summer is to rest a bit. A lot of stressful things have happened in my life over the past year or so, plus I allowed my daily schedule this spring to get overscheduled. Resting doesn't mean sleeping all day (although there may be a nap if needed). It does mean working a lot of healthy into my days and for me that includes "field trips." This week we ended up on three mini ones. On Monday we dropped off big brother for camp and then decided to head out to the lake for a picnic. We were surprised to see how high the water still was, covering the area we usually sit for our picnics as well as completely obscuring the beach we had walked on a couple of months ago. Which I thought I had blogged about but apparently not.

This area is now back under the lake.
On the way home we stopped by one of the Ranger stations to check out the field of wildflowers. And sneeze a bit.

 On Wednesday we went to help with some watering and harvested a few blackberries.
And then went to a nearby JoAnns to cool off and to see if their store was different from ours (it was).

Friday was the day to pick up brother from camp early. That meant a trip at lunchtime to get to go to Smokin Joe's.

And a stop at the Bedre chocolate factory before heading home to rest for the party. Going at lunch time meant we didn't see anyone working in the factory, but we find some chocolate on sale because it was in an older packaging design.

She is super happy to have her brother back home.
And this is what happens when you put a bunch of soccer players in a pool. They kick--a lot.