the Crystal Bridge

Late this morning we (well, I) packed our lunch and loaded up for a field trip to the Crystal Bridge in Oklahoma City. Since it there was not some sort of festival going on, we were able to find some free parking nearby, which was a great way to start the trip!

The Crystal Bridge is this giant tubular building in downtown OKC filled with tropical plants. It would be a wonderful place to visit in the winter when I need a little warmth and green scenery. Today was a bit warm. Before we went in we found a shady spot in the Myriad Gardens area and ate our picnic lunch. A band even started up midway through. The flowers and other plants looked great, probably due to the feet of rain we have received over the past month.

Once inside we all wandered around. I quickly decided that although I had brought my sketchbook, I needed to just take pictures and draw once I got home. It was hot and the kids wanted me to wander with them. But such awesome color!

 They did not necessarily want me to take pictures of them while I was with them.

See? Pictures not good.

The gardens are divided up by plants that love water on one end and desert plants on the other. The desert plants have such interesting structures.

 They were fascinated with the fish. I was thankful this was not an authentic tropical rainforest fish pond filled with piranhas.

I made them stand still for the picture. They were fighting off and on (or whining) but they were joined in solidarity of grumpiness for this one.

Since we were in the city, I decided to head a little farther north to Oklahoma Quiltworks, hoping that they might have some of the pearl cotton I've been wanting so I could pick some in real life rather than on a computer screen (they did). This is what happened:
They were both sitting there designing quilts. I was finished shopping before they were ready to leave. It was bizarre--and a huge blessing!

Not sure where we will head next week. It depends a lot on how far the flooding recedes. Several of the spots on my list were underwater midweek. I guess if they start getting cranky they need me to take them to an air conditioned quilt shop, so I may need to do some research!