3Q Finish ALong

It is time at my job to start thinking about plans for the next year, which means I started thinking about my plans for the upcoming year (or so) with my family too. I've also seen a few quilt Finish Along posts recently and decided to give mysef some extra incentive to plan and then keep on track with my quilt finishes by joining up with the On the Windy Side Finish Along for the 3rd quarter. I've stayed on target so far this year with my "2 quilts a month" goal. The chance to win prizes for finishing up those quilts--even better! It will also help me use up some of the fabric I have collected--and finish up a couple of projects that have lingered too long.

So for July-August-September I plan to finish the following quilts:

Mom's Embroidered Flowers (quilting it now)

Trellis from Modern Bee

Bailey's Patchwork made from leftover squares from her mom's quilt

A Mountaintop quilt

This fall Mosaic Tiles quilt (also from Modern Bee). I think I started it last fall and didn't make it far.

and last but not least a little boy plus quilt. As of right now I plan to use this pattern and 2-1/2" squares but these things change. That is a lot of little squares. Not sure what the FAL rule is about that.

I don't have any other sewing projects planned, no bags or pincushions or pillows or other things people make. Sometimes those pop up (or my daughter hands me something to "help her sew") but for the most part I just like making quilts. That's it for the next few months! I'll post them as I finish them as always, and check back at the end of September to see how I did.


  1. I love the embroidered flowers quilt! And your other quilts are going to be lovely. Good luck on your finishes.


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