In Watonga

A few people from my church gathered this week in Watonga to assist the First Indian Baptist Church there host a soccer and art camp. My son jumped at the chance to help lead the soccer camp, while my daughter and I volunteered to help a couple of days with art camp. One thing led to another and we ended being there nearly all week. As an added bonus, both of my kids got some soccer practice while helping with the camp. My daughter did not "lead" like my son did, but when she got there and started participating, several other girls joined in.

Brittany Harris of Simply Art led the art camp for the kids on Tuesday and Thursday.

We spent a lot of time hanging out with the kids on Tuesday and Thursdays, the days we had both camps.
Of course, I spent a lot of time like this:

 --behind the wheel of the van picking up the kids, taking them home, taking them to the Whirlwind mission for lunch, the art camp, and of course, the bathroom breaks.

Our youth worked hard at the camps, teaching and making sure everyone there felt like they were a part of the group. And when the camps were over, we checked out Roman Nose State Park (on a day when most activities were closed), local eateries, and even a free bluegrass concert. With all of the rain we have had in our state this year, the fields and park lands were gorgeous. I even got to witness some amazing synchronized swimming and a tough lip syncing/singing/dancing competition.

Town Mountain

I stopped by a local antique shop while on a break and brought home this quilt top to finish up:
 And there were frogs. All were released before we left.

We all had a great time--and are glad to be back in our own beds for the night! I am so thankful for the kind hearts of the youth who played with my daughter and endured a bit of pestering, the coordination of our CBF and FBC leader, as well as the hospitality of  Whirlwind Mission, our host site, and the First Indian Baptist Church. Looking forward to seeing how this partnership grows!