On Friday Grace celebrated her seventh birthday, sharing a party with her grandpa and his 70th birthday.
I like big brother holding back her hair.

We like to stretch out birthday as long as possible here, and celebrated with her friends on Saturday at a party in our backyard.  She was old enough to plan pretty much all of the party and wanted a "Nancy Clancy" kind of party--which means lots of colorful fun decor. And a tent.

I worked on the cake beforehand, only letting her help add the finishing touch--the chocolate chips on the "G." I don't make these enough to let others help. I get too grumpy!

It was a beautiful day, not too hot thankfully.

It was a fun, laid back kind of party (although I'm still a bit worn out from the day) and I think the kids all had a blast playing together. She has one more birthday celebration next weekend and is looking forward to it!