fall break 2015

Wednesday afternoon our family headed out of town for our fall break. We knew we would be arriving at Robbers Cave State Park after dark, and the weather is always a bit iffy this time of year, so we stayed in a cabin rather than a tent this time. It was difficult enough getting to the cabin in the dark--having to set up a tent would have been super stressful and defeat the purpose of the trip.

Our cabin was one of the older cabins, built in the 1930s by the CCC. It still had this cool metal sign made back then.

one of Grace's creations

One day we visited the lake, Nature Center, the mini golf course, and Isaac tried out one of their foot powered cars.

On the second day after lunch (and three hours of hiking that morning) everyone but my daughter was wanting to rest. I finally grabbed the keys and took her to town. And surprise--a homecoming parade!

After loading my purse with candy, I decided to head to the Robbers Cave stables. I had read that they had a petting zoo.
And they did.

They also had an opening for a horse ride, so after a quick shoe change, Grace got to ride her first real horse.

Now she is planning to have her own horse ranch when she is a grown-up.

Both nights we made a campfire. We had marshmallows and chocolate begging to be melted.

Grace was roasting marshmallows for me. She doesn't eat them but wanted to roast some. I happily ate them for her.

We headed home the next morning, making a short lunch stop in Tecumseh at Farmers Daughter Market. Really, though, lunch was just the justification for having a bit of dessert there. All in all, it was a fun three day getaway, with great weather, beautiful scenery, and bit of peace and quiet.