the creatures

I found this picture of the last time we went to Robbers Cave. It was a church family spring break trip in 2010.

They are a bit bigger now. I'm sure my husband was thankful he didn't have to strap Grace into a carrier this time.

These kids of mine love to hunt for bugs. If you have been around either of them for any length of time outside you know that. The bricks around my flower bed never stay quite where they are "supposed" to be because they are always getting moved to see what is underneath. One of the most surprising parts of our trip to Robbers Cave this time was the bugs we saw. Big ones.
We saw tons of these daddy longlegs. I kept having flash backs to the Harry Potter movie where they are being chased by tons of spiders in the Forbidden Forest. Thankfully these were not as furry and mean.
 I learned it is really hard to take a picture of a spider web.

This crazy centipede crossed our path on our walk down the road on our first hike.

And then we saw an enormous millipede on the road by our cabin.

We also saw a lot of different kinds of caterpillars. This first one was very stylish looking in it's plaid and red camouflage.

Best of all, we were able to easily convince the kids that none of these needed to come home with us!