the week

Well, I didn't post a picture one this whole week and now it is almost the weekend. So before I overload on a back log of pictures here are a few from last weekend and yesterday.

Before soccer I took Grace to Touch-a-Truck. She climbed on the trolley and then that was really enough.

So we headed over to Isaac's game. They won 7-5.

I left that game at half time and walked over to Grace's field.

They played had but lost by one goal right at the end. Then it was time to go home for a birthday cookout.
Birthday boy 1

 Birthday boy 2

My son's marvelous creation of birthday cake, ice cream, and whipped cream. I tried to take a picture of the cake and candle blowout, but I missed it. He was taller than I expected!

Sunday afternoon we watched a bit more soccer. They won this one 14-0, which meant that Isaac got to play midfield rather than just defender and got to score three goals. 

 My camera lesson of this week was trying to take a picture of the lunar eclipse. In the dark.

Thursday was a surprise cross country meet after school. It was a small dual with the other junior highs in town.

He finished 5th and beat his previous race time. He has one more race on Tuesday and then that season is finished.
After his race Grace and I spent some girl time at her school's math night.

She liked the garden measuring station and figuring out the pattern blocks the best.

That brings us today, where we all take a deep breath and get ready for another weekend--a birthday weekend with more soccer and all sorts of craziness.