Our oldest child turned thirteen on Sunday. We celebrated it with one half of the extended family previously. This weekend we celebrated with my husband's side of the family and our soccer family.

As I uploaded my pics, I was a little surprised that I didn't have many. He doesn't like me to take many but he did let me take some for his birthday. I didn't have any of the family with him though, but maybe that is for the best since I would have blasted them all over the world on this blog.

Saturday we visited with my parents, brother-in-law and his girlfriend before the OU game. Then Isaac and I headed to Enid to try out their soccer fields. I realized too late that I should have made my route on the way through Hennessey to stop at a "large" quilt shop there. I also realized that I did not put the longer lens on my camera, making it very difficult to get any game pictures.

Some of the families headed to Okarche after the game for a post game meal at Eischen's. This was the kids table, scarfing down whatever food we gave them while watching a bit of football.

It was a long day but we got up early the next day for a bit of present opening before church.
We had lunch with the grandparents at Van's and enjoyed the afternoon. And then more soccer--this time with pictures.

Toward the end of the game he got moved to forward, presumably to let him try to get a goal on his birthday.
It didn't happen but he tried.

I surprised the team with a post-game cookie cake and they surprised me by singing happy birthday to him!
Another win for his birthday.

Happy birthday Isaac--and many more!