almost there

After working steady for a few minutes every day this week (and a LOT on Wednesday), I finished the Christmas scrap quilt top. I finished it up mid morning Thursday, before family time and before the rain moved in. My inspiration was this quilt on A Quilt is Nice blog. I love her quilts. This was all scraps from my previous two Christmas quilts, with a few red scraps mixed in. It was time to break the "pink and green" streak of quilts.

I LOVE finishing up a top because it is off the design wall and I can clean up a bit. I even got my daughter to vacuum! Sewing makes a lot of lint and mess.

I have the backing and the binding ready to go, so it should get completely finished soon (unless we have a major ice storm and lose power of course). Stay warm and enjoy the holiday weekend!


  1. Beautiful! I love Christmas quilts!!

  2. Great scrappy top, love the red and aquas!

  3. I love it! I love scrappy quilts. This is perfect for the Christmas season.


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