fall gardening

I hadn't had a chance to check our garden since the rain last week, since I have been sick since then. Yesterday my daughter and I headed out there and surprise! It is STILL growing and looks awesome.
I had decided to plant a fall garden after seeing how well plants were growing at the garden at my daughter's school, and after seeing how much she liked taking care of it. It has been eye-opening. Plants sprouted immediately, unlike in the colder soil of spring. Weeds are less (mainly because both kids like to hoe) and the plants seem less stressed without all the heat. And don't need daily watering. The only drawback is the limitations on what you can plant, but had I started a week or two earlier I could have added a few other things like egg plant.

 This end is the pak choi, swiss chard, and kale.

And this blurry picture is of lettuce and radishes. The middle section is a few straggling trumpet vine shoots that I just didn't have the energy to clear at the time (nor did I need the space).
My son's hoeing method is apparently more of an attack on the earth, bringing the hoe and whacking the ground with it. He was quite sore last time. I don't really think that much action was needed, but he feels like he has kept the weeds away forever now and arguing with him would be pointless. Thirteen years old is special.

No she does not eat radishes. She uses them to make our salads (which she also doesn't eat--yet).
Thankful for a bounty of fresh greens in the garden still, that even the roses are still blooming, and that I am feeling better. I may even have the energy to sew a bit today. That was my first clue that something was really wrong with my body--I didn't even have the energy to want to sit in a chair and sew. It was all downhill from there. All is better now, not completely well at all, but better.