December quilt #1

A few weeks ago I bought a bunch of flannel on sale. It is great for kid's quilts (and sometimes even ones for adults). One of them inspired my latest quilt:

Isn't the flannel awesome?!  Rainbows, snails, birds, even hedgehogs.

The pattern of the quilt is a wonky rail fence that I found online, or maybe in a book. I have a memory block right now from exactly where though. Ugh. I have been looking through tons of books and websites for ideas for a different stack of fabric, so my brain is overloaded. I'll add it in when I remember. It was from Elizabeth Dackson's book Becoming a Confident Quilter.

The yellows are a little more vibrant than they appear in this photo. It is a cheerful little quilt. I quilted around the blocks only, and tied in the middle so it would be great for snuggling.

I should have another one finished soon. Yes, another baby size, because that how much fabric I had for it. It's all basted and ready for quilting. It will be quilted more densely though.

And since I got that one off of the design board, I decided to try again with Improv Score #1.
The picture is horrible, but I am liking this version better. I finished with this purple and will move on to a darker purple next time I work on it. The filler that is not even showing up in the picture is Kona Bone.

That's all the quilty work for the week. So thankful for the sunshiny weather that makes great pictures. As part of another part of my life (my job), I have a guest post on another blog (my church's) about Advent if you are interested in reading such things. Have a great weekend!


  1. The flannel is so cute! I especially love those hedgehogs. :) Improv can be a love it or leave it kind of activity. I find I start and top on those kind of projects a lot, myself. Coming back with fresh eyes (and a break) can help immensely.

  2. Those little creatures and pictures are totally cute! You've matched it all up really well with your front fabrics, great work!


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