My next try at Improv score #1 is finished, and I am much more satisfied with this one. Because I didn't like the intensity of the last one I tried, I decided to use an off-white as the filler. As I progressed through the three color pairs, it was interesting seeing how each color worked with the patterned fabric, an older fabric from Lizzie House's 1001 Peeps collection. The progression of colors reminds me of the color change of the sky at night, so Dusk it is. That also seems an appropriate name for the quilt closing out the year.

I chose vertical line quilting to accentuate the towers and thought it worked well with the overall look of the quilt. Most of the towers ended up correctly, but as you can see in the picture above, one little patch ended up upside down!

While driving to visit family, my husband asked how many quilts I had made. I had no idea, remembering that I had made 41 the year I turned 40 but not the rest. After counting up the pictures on my website, I discovered that I had made 111! This one is 112. Now I'm thinking of something special to do for the 125th quilt, if I don't blow right past it like I did the 100th quilt.
This one and Star Bright are up next:

And this pic is why I really don't like winter so much--blah gray and brown. Yes, there is a slight green tint to everything, but not enough. The brown pieces in the quilt above are the ones I had the most issues with, but I can see how they keep the other colors more grounded.

I'll just need to work on lots of colorful quilts. The colors will really pop in that landscape!


  1. I think this might be my favorite Score #1 quilt to date! Great job!

  2. 111! Holy smokes, I can't even fathom! I like this improve, I also like how you made pinwheels out of your other one.


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