making the most of Christmas break

With the holidays, we have gotten to spend a lot time together as a family--
watching Star Wars

opening presents (she woke us up EARLY)

 trying out the presents
and just tolerating mom as she tries to take a picture or two

I still get to work on my quilts a bit. Really it may be required for me to take a time out occasionally to sew a bit, before returning to the umm, vibrant liveliness of my children.
Before the Christmas storm Goliath blasted through, I was able to finish up the quilt top for my improv quilt. I like this one MUCH better than the first one I tried. With all of the cold weather, I should be done with this one, but instead I am working on two others at the same time so it is still just a quilt top. And I try to be present with my family most of the time.

Which sometimes means breaks to go play in the "snow."

After we came inside we watched two movies and I quilted more of my Star Bright quilt. I felt a little cross-eyed by bed time but am on the last bit of quilting around the outer edge.
I've also been playing with this HST layout, trying to balance the colors and patterns. This is always the time when I really regret that I had to break that 4' x 8' insulation board I used for my layout wall to get it home.

With the real bowl games starting finally, I'm expecting lots more time huddled on a couch stitching up that quilt. It is the perfect time of year to work on it, keeping me warm as I finish it. Looking forward to showing a finish or two soon!