Inspired -- January quilt 2

One of my plans for the next few months is to do more scrap quilts. I made a lot of quilts last year and that means a lot of scraps. All of the bags and bins are stuffed full. For this first scrap quilt, I went with a quarter log cabin block. I started with some of my favorite colors (which means the fullest scrap bins).

These colors ended up the same as some of the "inspired" colors I chose for a Color Intensive class project, so I used that grouping to guide some of the other colors I used.

The color scheme moves from the deeper colors at the base into the loftier lighter colors at the top, which is much how I feel as I am thinking through a problem or design. Deep in thought until I gradually start making headway, get inspiration, with all of it's energy, relief, joy, and clarity. Apparently that must be like a sunny spring day much like today, based on the colors I chose!

I knew I shouldn't make a backing out of a lot more scraps or I would have trouble quilting with all the seams. I wanted something more graphic looking (as opposed to a floral) and found this rainbow dot at Joann. Just like my quilt top, it omitted the red. The quilt is 48" square, at least before I washed it, so I did have to piece a bit, using the strip I cut off from the bottom of 2 yards vertically and off center. And yes, a picture of that would've been good.

As I was quilting it, I thought about a possible recipient who has a birthday soon but then remembered it is baby quilt sized. It would cover the lap of a grown-up and not the feet. It looked larger as I was making the blocks, something I've noticed before since I have a small sewing room and layout boards. Maybe this will inspire me to rearrange the room to get those layout boards more space!


  1. I really love this scrap quilt! The colors look beautiful.


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