playing with color

At the beginning of the year, I decided I would try doing a kind of topical Bible study on each of the fruits of the spirit, studying maybe one a month. As I went along I would also try to create a quilt for each one. This month was love. I also signed up for an online class called Color Intensive led by Rachel of Stitched in Color. She has amazing color use in her quilts, so I wanted to learn her outlook. One of our assignments this week was to pick an emotion or adjective and translate it into colors. So of course the first one I tried was love. It is warmth and intensity and depth. I'm not thinking of the pink fluffy kinda love--but the true fierce steadfast love of God, the same kind of love we are to show to others.
 Then it was time to apply to fabric (using what I had on the shelf):
I discovered I don't have much purple fabric. This is not enough for a quilt, unless it is a tiny one and even then it is always better to have a bit more variety. I probably wouldn't include the rectangle print, and might pull in more that coordinate with the other red print (which happens to be called "loves me loves me not").

Another word I tried was inspired (it was fun so I kept going):

I noticed that these colors were most of the colors of the scrap quilt pinned up on my design boards.
I had started to use navy blue next but after looking at the color choices from "inspired," I went with blue scraps. I finished up the blocks today so I may have it finished next week, if not the whole thing at least the top. Then I will have to give more thought to this love quilt and what it should look like. All of this color play and thinking is such a good "therapy" for me, helping my brain think about something other than the sometimes hard and heavy issues of a work week. It's always good to feel a bit more inspired!