racing the sun

I was so close to finishing this next quilt and pushed to finish today. I wanted to post on the Crazy Mom Quilts Friday Finishes, and I actually know who I am giving this quilt to, AND another winter thing is moving in to mess up my photo opportunities. With daylight fading I got the binding on and could take the photos. YEA!

It's definitely a little shady.
As I started working with the fabric, I noticed a Hawaiian influence, like bits of Hawaiian shirts. It's always interesting how the fabric shifts as you see big pieces versus smaller squares or scraps. I also did not really like the browns so much but could see how they kept the whole collection from being too "sherbert"-y.

The stats:
     Main fabric: 2 charm packs of Heather Bailey's Clementine
     Background fabric: Kona, Snow
     Pattern: Magic Diamonds off of the pack of cards from Missouri Star Quilt Company
     Binding: Clementine, Primrose in Jade
     Backing: flannel, pink polka dot from Joann


  1. Great finish, love the pattern and the binding fabric really frames the quilt nicely!

  2. It's a great quilt! I really like the colors, including the brown. And the pattern is fun. It's amazing what you can do with half-square triangles. Oh, an I also like how you rigged up a way to hang it to photograph it without having someone hold it. One of these days we'll have sun again.
    Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  3. Very very pretty - you've done a beautiful job. I love the way it has crinkled so nicely.


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