Starbright, the first quilt of 2016

It is finished. It took at least 4 bowl games plus Stars Wars episodes 4-6 plus other sitting time that I can't even remember to do the hand quilting on it. It takes a lot of sitting for hand quilting.

The quilt began with a set of fabric I had to buy last February at Quiltcon, various pieces of French Bull's Mosaica collection. When I was finally ready to actually cut it (sometimes it takes awhile), I wanted a large scale design that would highlight the fabric.

I think at around that point I was digging through lots of books, and Kathy Doughty wrote a blog post about using large scale fabrics. I ended up using her Kismet pattern out of Material Obsession 2. Because of the large pieces, it went to together quickly. I left off the last border because the design and the fabric didn't need it. She is a huge champion of hand quilting so I tried it. It is definitely not something I will include on every quilt but it seemed a great choice for this quilt.

The backing was a mix of some larger fabric I had on hand (as was all of the fabric in the quilt). The quilting shows up best on the yellow gingham end, but I loved having an opportunity to use the Simplicity text fabric too.

So glad to have this one finished. It is one of my favorites!


  1. Nice job on Kismet, it is such a fun pattern to use when you are looking to showcase a fabric. I know what you mean about the hours it takes to hand quilt but I always find them so cathartic. Now that I am into hand piecing and hexagons my quilting time is harder to find! I look forward to seeing more of your quilts. Kathy Doughty

  2. I love your Kismet! It is such a fun pattern. I made mine larger into a king size quilt for our bed. Hope you enjoy yours as much as we do.


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