less is more

The past couple of weeks I have been thinking through my ministry goals at work and so I have chosen a few quilty tasks that use a little less brain power. Some days my brain was just not working much by the time I made it home, certainly not enough to work on my improv love quilt.

Instead I did a lot of cutting prep.
I used some scraps to tackle some monochromatic napkins for my Color Intensive class project.
Now Grace and I have a napkin!
I also need to do an inspiration collection for the "love" quilt. I didn't want to do a collage or cut the fabrics, so ended up making a collection on a shelf to help me as I go along.

One day last weekend Grace led me in a collage class. We don't get much choice in these "classes" and it took me a bit to get in the swing of it, but I ended up loving my project.

Today I had a bit more mental energy, with my goals compiled to work through with my team later, so I did start a bit on some x plus blocks--and love them! Can't wait to see what the whole quilt looks like, and no, they won't all have that much orange in them.

And my kids? We all watched some Mythbusters and suddenly they are fascinated with duct tape. I just love that they are creating.