The final project of the online Color Intensive class I have been taking was to evaluate my fabric stash. I took her checklist upstairs to my sewing room and dug through it. The easy part was to look through and see what is missing--basics in colors I have used recently. I made a list of those colors and then took a closer look at what was still there--what had been there for a while. Part of my quilty plans for the year include using up some of this fabric, so it was time to evaluate and make new plans.

That's the stash I have for the most part, except for some fabric already in a project bin ready for me to finish up a quilt and choose it.

The first set was a few multi-color prints with white backgrounds. I pulled those and then added a few more to make a stack. From some of my reading, or maybe even the class, I remembered that while these don't often "play well with others," they could work great together with a darker gray background. They have been set aside for a flying geese quilt at some point.

Another one I found that had been on the shelf was also a multi-color, a large scale one by Momo. I love her fabrics but struggle a little with the large scale one in each collection. I want to use them as a whole but that can easily overpower anything else.

So I found a few more, one that even came in the same collection. I have a patchwork in mind but still thinking about how to use the large scale--either as squares blending  in with the rest or larger panel type pieces. I have a few other projects in the queue ahead of it so there is plenty of time to think about it. And when I have an excellent idea, I can maybe use the same design for her Flying Colors collection, with its beautiful rainbow filled large scale print.

Armed with some of my birthday gift money, I was able to find a few fabric sales online to order a couple of fabrics in each of the colors I lacked, at least in the priority colors. Birthdays are good!

I could probably keep evaluating the stash but at this point I have given myself enough work, so I will save the checklist for later. It will be great for generating new ideas.


  1. That's wonderful work! So glad you ended up inspired to sew with some of what you have. Thanks for sharing, Angela.


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