always in motion

Saturday was a full day, and most of it was spent outside. So thankful for the warm weather!

We started the day with a soccer game. Apparently I was busy watching and didn't take many pictures.

From there, some of us headed to my parents' house for our family Easter lunch and egg hunt with my dad's side of the family. Several of the kids were gone so us older kids got to hunt eggs for them. And even my uncle.

Meanwhile the other half of my family stayed in town for a track meet. I missed one run but made it back for the mile run by several hours (I should have hung out with the family a bit longer!).

took a pic of the tent and ended up with my son in it over on the right eating a banana!

checking in

he is flying!
Our faces are all a bit pinker from the sun (not so good about remembering the sunscreen), but it was a wonderful day full of family, friends, and celebration--my favorite things.