Easter with the animals

After lunch on Sunday, the kids and I headed to the zoo (dad took a nap). The weather was cool and the sun was out, and the animals loved it. By the time we arrived the Easter egg hunt at the zoo was over so there were not many people there. It was the best zoo trip we have had in awhile.

 They loved watching this deer.

If my camera was a bit quicker my son and the deer would have been exactly alike. It was licking the glass for some reason.

They always want to check out their wing span.

And here is a flashback of him doing the exact same thing 6 years ago in 1st grade.

Our best view of the male lion (in the background).

 I didn't even have to ask them to pose for these pictures!

I did have to bribe him with a "treat" to get him to smile this time.

 And her picture from the zoo trip 6 years ago:

It is amazing how much more enjoyable the zoo, the animals, and each of us are when it is not blazing hot!