March quilt 2

Despite some sewing machine issues, I was able to finish the patchwork quilt.

The inspiration for this quilt was the MoMo fabric used in those three larger squares. I have had it for a while and it was time for it to get cleared off the shelf. I had a couple of other prints that were part of the same collection, and I found more that coordinated with the colors and feel of the fabric.

As I started quilting I hit some problems. First I had some major bunching because I sewed a few rows out of order.I had these in two or three places around one of the larger squares.

I ended up ripping that part of the quilting out and trying again. That larger block was not basted well so I ended up darting the fabric along one edge to smooth everything better.

My Singer sewing machine also locked up.  My mother-in-law had given me her Elna that she had purchased several years ago overseas, so I pulled it out to see if it would work better. It was so quiet and smooth!
I quilted some with it that first night. After a trip to a sewing machine shop on Monday, I had a walking foot that would work on it and finished up the rest of the quilt, including fixing the quilting I had ripped out. I still struggled a bit with the binding because I was unused to the machine but that will get better with practice.

I used up the last of the squares on the back, along with a large gingham I picked up at a recent garage sale. It is interesting that the picture looks blurred in the three areas without quilting (locations of the larger squares on the front).

Happy to have this one finished and ready to get more practice on the Elna!


  1. Very pretty! I love the backing!

  2. I love this quilt and love the idea! I have some similar fabric just sitting and waiting to be used, I may have to steal this idea.

  3. it's so cheerful and happy...i like it very much!


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