an April quilt: the love project

Back at the beginning of the year I thought a great way to end each of my Bible study topic each month would be to use what I've learned to design a quilt. By the second month I realized that this was not a practical timewise. I just finished that January quilt about love, 3 months later.


As I was quilting around the spiral, I discovered a layout error. And I kept it there.

The info:
Pattern--Red Centre from Kathy Doughty's Making Quilts, with some changes with the border

Reds--mix from my stash and scraps
Background--Kona Snow
Backing from Joann Valentine collection (one benefit to taking forever to finish this one--V-day sales!)

In my initial plans for this "love" concept quilt, I had started an improv spiral quilt. I did not enjoy working on it. I also needed something I could work on in short segments of time throughout the day and the improv really needed me to hang out all day with it. I looked through my books and found a different sort of spiral. I also originally had purple mixed in with the reds, but as I started laying out the blocks, I decided to eliminate those.

With my March topic (peace), I ended up creating a mixed media art piece. And now with my April topic, I have moved on to Bible art journaling after participating in this online class by Laura of Pitter Patter Art. I believe it repeats every two weeks so keep watching her blog or email her for more info about future sessions.

Well, I'm off now to go be weather aware and enjoy (hopefully) our "storm Sabbatical" evening!


  1. I like your love project very much. The recipient will bless someone more than they realize. I really enjoy reading your better'n dog biscuits.

  2. what an absolutely stunning finish to this the red/white a lot...I have that book and have been drooling over the quilts in it. They look fussy to make though??? hugs, Julierose

    1. This one was quite easy to make. The layout issue was just me not paying attention.


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