weekend action

We had a full weekend watching the kids compete and work hard to do their best. Our extended family was able to be with us, an added bonus.

We started with a soccer game, my daughter's first of the season.

Then we loaded up in the car for a short road trip to Pauls Valley. We arrived just in time to cheer on my son in his first race, the 800 run. He was lined up at the starting line as my husband and father-in-law got to our seats in the bleachers. We joined my parents to cheer him on, running on the same track my dad did growing up in Pauls Valley.

After that one, I took my daughter to the park for a bit. Track meets are long, and she wanted to master the slanty slide, one of my favorites when I played here as a kid--well when it wasn't too hot to climb on.

We headed back to watch his last race, the mile run.
It was a super exciting ending, passing one runner on the back of the last curve and three in the last 100m, finishing in 4th place.

His soccer game the next day ended up cancelled. He was a bit thankful for that and so were we since his sister had a game scheduled at the same time.
They got their first win and she scored her first goal of the season.

A great weekend outside, with beautiful spring weather and fun spent with our family. And all of that outside is probably why I have had to walk around all day with kleenex in my pocket for the sneeze explosions. It was worth it.


  1. Wow what a busy weekend! It must be very sweet to see your son racing where your Dad grew up racing - what a fabulous family connection :)


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