2nd May quilt--Little Red

Soccer season ended and all of a sudden we all have a bit more free time. Which means I was able to finish the Little Red quilt over the weekend, much earlier than I expected.

This was my first try with free motion quilting with the Elna machine, and it went ok. No broken needles! I thought a little about doing a small flower but ended up with a meandering line since the fabric was already so busy. The flowers would get lost and wouldn't add anything to the design.

I don't know that the meandering added more either when close up but I like the overall crinkly look it provides.

The backing is a print that I apparently purchased at some recent sale. I seem to have quite a bit of "recent sale purchases" so I should be able to refrain from buying more for a bit, maybe several months.

I am still getting used to attaching binding with this machine. I'm not sure why it has been a struggle. I put the standard presser foot back on this quilt instead of the walking foot and that helped a bit. But I still had a couple or three places like these below that I had to restitch after washing. 

I have been thinking about this quilt and these fabrics for awhile, so it is great to finally see them as a completed quilt. After taking a look at potential upcoming projects for the summer, I have settled on three goals:
1. For my Give quilt, make a boy baby quilt for an upcoming baby shower. This one will likely be a simple patchwork. I'm working on pulling together the last bits of fabric for it and will share that soon.
2. For my Keep quilt, make a scrap vortex quilt to empty the scrap bins. Originally I was thinking queen size to go on my bed but now I am thinking a full size for the guest room. I reminded I had another set of fabric set aside for my bed. This should be a summer sewing project to work on with my daughter, since it will require a lot of sewing of little bits. It will be great practice for her, and she may have some plans for using some of the scraps for her own self (another reason I will likely downsize from a queen to a full). We have emptied most of the organized, color-coded scrap bins back into one giant tub, leaving only the black, navy and brown bins stuffed full.
3. For my Sell quilt, I plan to spend a bit of time reading through the Etsy Seller Handbook and actually implementing some of their suggestions on my own shop. I have several to sell already and need to fine tune (or completely redo) the shop to see if I can move them on to new homes.

If I get done, or need a break, I still have a couple of fabric/quilts in bins that I can work on as bonus projects. Or I may just go outside and enjoy the summer. I also seem to be working on a bit of a to-do list for myself for my job, and I have no doubt that my kids have a summer list of their own for me to share with them!


  1. This is so pretty! Love all of the prints you used.

  2. Such a lovely colourful quilt - definitely one for snuggling up under!

  3. What a cute quilt! Check out Pat Sloan's tutorial for machine binding. Looks nice even if it's not perfect.


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