May quilt 1: t-shirt love

One of our friends asked about the possibility of a t-shirt quilt for a surprise gift--and quick. Since I was a bit stuck with the quilt I am currently piecing and knew t-shirt quilts go together pretty quickly, I accepted the challenge. She provided the t-shirts. And it's done!

When I headed to the store for the backing, I wanted wide fabric so it wouldn't need piecing. After looking at my choices though I wandered the store for while to look at other options.

I wanted it to be something to make the quilt pretty and snuggly (and less utilitarian) so I chose a pretty lilac gingham flannel. It had to be pieced but was way better than my other choices.

I chose the purple polka dot (already had at home) to coordinate with the school colors and the backing to finish it off.

So great to have another quilt finish, especially a fast one. It gave me a break with the other quilt and also the energy to get back to work on it. It seems much more manageable now, as I focus on piecing four squares into a block at time. Doing blocks not rows seems much less daunting, as does ironing just a little at a time.

Soon this will be much less of a mess!