a June quilt, finally

I've been away from home for most of June, and had no quilt projects that could tag along on the trips. Right before I left for the family trip, I took on a commissioned quilt project. It seems that the t-shirt quilt I made in May has inspired at least one more.

With the more patriotic color scheme of this one, I was able to find a fun polka dot in the holiday options at Joann, and chose a candy cane stripe binding to finish it off.

I'm not sure if I will finish another this month, given that it is almost July. I did spend a bit of time this week repairing a vintage quilt I found at an antique shop while in Watonga. It need a bit of binding re-sewing, and a few of the blocks needed to be reconnected. I ended up zigzag stitching those to make it a bit stronger. Some of the fabric was deteriorating. I also needed to cut part of a corner off. It was shredded. I was able to wrap the backing over (it was also the binding) and finish it off to look like the rest of the quilt. And it needed washing badly. Now it's almost as good as new.

Last year when I was in Watonga I found a vintage flower garden quilt top at the same store. It has taken me a year, but I have finally decided to hem the edges and use it as a curtain in our guest room. We shall see how long that takes me, but it will be much quicker than repairing the damaged hexagons along the top and hand quilting the whole thing!

If I decide to finish another quilt in the upcoming week, it will be this baby quilt, all ready to go.

My "little bit at a time while I am waiting on the kids (or need a break)" project is my scrap quilt for our guest room. I've finished about 20 blocks and have about 36 to go. Still have tons of scraps and it is great to put them all to use! It will probably get finished next month unless I get distracted by other projects around the house.

That's plenty of sewing projects for now, especially with a few more non-sewing ones getting added to the list while I have a bit of extra free time. Maybe we will even finally finish painting my daughter's desk.


  1. Oh what a lovely curtain that will make, especially when the sun shines through it in the mornings like stained glass!

  2. I LOVE that you repaired an old worn out quilt. I found a small quilt made completely out of cowboy neckerchiefs and there is one of the fabrics in it that has basically disintegrated. Not sure what to do with that. What would you do?

    1. I am guessing that it is not along an edge? Without seeing it, I would probably applique on a patch of a companion fabric, maybe a bandana or maybe even that cute Michael Miller retro Lil Cowpoke fabric. I would prewash it, and might even use steam a seam or some other iron on adhesive to help hold it on better and maybe keep it from disintegrating further. Those tend to make the fabric feel more stiff though so maybe that would be too much?

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  4. Just love that you save older quits.


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