Mission Watonga

When we got home from our family trip, we unloaded our suitcases--and then my daughter and I repacked ours. We left the next afternoon with a small group from our church to host a four day camp for kids in Watonga. My son went to youth camp that week so he got an extra day to repack.

Our welcome crew!

It was a week filled with games . . .

Bible time . . .

art . . .

and science exploration.

There were lots of smiling faces from both the volunteers and the kids!

After a bit of a lunch break each day, we were able to spend some time at the nearby Roman Nose State Park.

I enjoyed getting to spend some extra one on one time that week with my daughter and she loved having all the extra new buddies to play with when she was tired of me! We have been on this trip twice now, each a little different. We also learned a few things to take back with us next year if we return (like serve breakfast!). I loved serving alongside this group, working and playing together to make a positive difference in the lives of these children, and sharing the love of Christ in both word and deed.