slow progress

My sewing has been set aside for a week or two while I enjoy some summer scenery. Before I left on a recent trip I did work on a bit of a project for a baby quilt.

While looking at it on this design board I noticed that the colors of the quilt are the same as a painting I had hanging right next to it of an overcast Turkish sea.

After I worked out the positioning, I collected the rows and clipped them to together with clothespins. I wasn't sure when I would get back to it and did NOT want to walk in the room to find a giant pile of them on the floor.

I also made a bit of headway on about ten improv blocks from this bin of scraps.

I was asked to work on a quilt for someone and that will be my next project, but had little time to work on it before heading off to hang out around sights such as this
and this
and a whole host of elk, chipmunks, mule deer, and even a few moose. I'll post more about that in a week or so, and possibly some progress on that commissioned quilt!