in the zone

Working on the scrap quilt was a bit addictive and meditative, at least up until the final 7 to 10 blocks. Then I just wanted to be done so I could stop digging around in the bin of scraps that was always in my way. I pushed through off and on today and finished the top.

I made blocks a little bit larger 12 1/2" square so I could square them up to that size, just matching up pieces to other pieces until it all worked out. As I started laying out the rows, I decided I didn't want the line down the bed from the block. I made a few blocks 13" wide and split them in half. The odd rows were seven full blocks while the even rows were six blocks with a half block on each end to off set the block seam. I also added a half row along the bottom end to give it the same drop length as the sides.

So many scraps -- and yet I still have some left. I was definitely getting down to odd sized pieces that were harder to work with "as is." I was also able to work in some leftover blocks, which was an added bonus.

This top will likely rest here on this bed for a bit as I recover from the scrap mess but I still hope to quilt it this month. I have a baby quilt--a tiny little thing in neat orderly squares--to tackle first for a breather and then I should be ready.