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After spending a week in a very tidy, decluttered rental for vacation and then the next week in a equally tidy and clean motel room, I came home ready to tackle my house. The spring was crazy busy, so any cleaning that happened was the bare minimum. Leftovers from soccer, school, vacation, and just everyday life were starting to pile up. This week I started cleaning and sorting and updating a couple of rooms. It sort of mushroomed so some piles have now shifted to new piles by the door to go to Goodwill or wherever, but I made some progress. And I finished up a few sewing projects in the process!

I hemmed the vintage quilt top and made the drapery pocket on the end with the damaged patch. It's still there but now hidden.

On a trip to Target to buy shampoo, I ended up with some slipcovers for our couch and loveseat. With the yellow gold chair I had moved into the living room from the guest room area, now we have this whole gray and yellow color scheme. So I recovered a lamp shade to coordinate

and had enough left over to make a throw pillow. Amazingly I was able to get a free pillow insert from a friend, just the perfect size.

I have an Ikea pillow (that I have had for a year or so) and a couple of little pillows my daughter made on the couch. And right now, my son.

I also sewed together a pillow top from leftover squares from the baby quilt that I still need to piece together, and will have a pillow to go with the quilt soon. Definitely before I finish the quilt!

I don't think I finished up anymore squares for my scrap quilt for the guest room, but did get the finished squares up on the design board.
This looks a bit blurry. Probably should've adjusted something on my camera differently? Anyway, the quilt will be 7 blocks wide by 8 long, so I'm making progress, I think about halfway. The scrap bin is still SO full, it's like eating pasta at a restaurant. You keep eating and eating and then look down--and the bowl looks like you haven't even started!

Time to go convince my kids that it's time to put away the stuff on their floor--and then give up and go sew something.


  1. Wow, I am in love with your flower garden quilt top!! The colors are gorgeous, It was a great idea to repurpose it as curtains, it's beautiful to see the light coming through it.

  2. I love the hexie top turned curtain, that's an awesome idea!


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