quilt Q3 finishalong goals

Last year I participated in a Finishalong with Adrienne of On The Windy Side. It was a little extra incentive for me to finish some project, especially some that I had stuck in a bin and avoided to work on newer ideas. As January came around and I took a look at my schedule, I knew I could not commit to one more thing. The spring was crazy. It is now time to signup for Q3 projects for the 2016 Finishalong and now, at least for the next quarter, I think I can do this. Not one of those epic lists but a few finishes at least, including two stacked on my table ready to quilt.

1. Full size scrap quilt. I finished up the backing the other day so this one just needs me to dedicate a few hours and get it back on this bed.

2. Birthday quilt for E. The party is Saturday so I need to get it done quick.

3. Candy pinwheels. I plan to make this one larger than the pattern to have less leftovers.

4. Another half square triangle pattern.

5. A black and white checkerboard for an August birthday.

6. A charity patchwork out of these leftover blocks I found while working on the scrap quilt (plus a bit more thrown in)

Six quilts. Two per month, and with two ready to quilt. This I can do--as long as I don't get distracted by some other great new project!

2016 FAL