Sherbet - September quilt 1

Once upon a time I went to Hobby Lobby to buy some fabric, probably Kona Snow since that is the only local place I can usually find it. As I wandered a bit (always a bad idea) waiting my turn and just to see what other fabric they have now, I ended up grabbing this fabric too, a pretty floral with a bit of gold metallic:

I brought it home and immediately found a whole bunch of other fabrics that were odd colors for what I usually make, but fit right in with this one. A Pink Castle fabrics mystery box added a few more, including that solid coral. And a well timed reminder of fun, easy quilt layout and the CluckCluckSew free tutorial helped me figure out what to do with this new stack I had created. So now I have this:

There is something about these colors and/or patterns that makes it photograph oddly. Hopefully it is not my camera. The picture above was taken early this morning to try to avoid fighting with the sun, like I did with the ones below from yesterday afternoon.

I backed it with a minty polka dot from JoAnn. I am liking using just one fabric for the back lately, especially with busy quilt tops. I also chose a scrappy binding to use up a bit more of the fabrics I had left. The pattern did not leave many scraps though (a plus!). I am thinking about who I made this for, and if I don't figure it out by the end of the month, I will add it to my shop. This is the last week of the 30% off sale!

While I was taking a few pictures, my daughter was working on our front door with some new chalk markers from grandma.
It will be fun seeing what new ideas she has for it, especially as she gets used to the markers!


  1. What a lovely quilt you've got here. I am longing to do a easy quilt layout so have bookmarked this - thank you!

  2. What a wonderfully serendipitous quilt - it's so pretty all together:)

  3. Love this colour palette, it is very sherbet-y / ice cream-y!


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