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As I worked on my last quilt, I took a few breaks. It took a while, especially as I veered off to work on other quilts. I also pulled fabrics for future projects. And since I have been participating in the 30 Days of Quilt Design challenge, I thought it was time to use those fabrics with my own designs. While working on the design challenge I learned that that little voice in my head is very negative. I would sit down, thinking that I had no ideas, yet ALWAYS within 20-30 minutes of looking around, doodling, and playing with patterns, I had a design. To use these designs, though, I've gotta use my math skills. Again not hard but I found myself wanting to take the easy way and just use some one else's patterns--except that I have had trouble lately finding any of those I want to make. So I started with an easy one.

As drawn, the blocks would be 5" squares. I decided to double those. I also decided to vary the size of the circles, with some about 3" diameter alternating with 4" ones. I finished the top this evening after the sun went down so a curtain pic it is!

I dug around on my backing shelf and found this flannel I will try. It is long enough but will need to be widened, maybe with that feather fabric. Not sure about pairing a flannel with quilting cotton though. Finishing this quilt will be my project 1 of Quarter 4 of the 2016 Finish-a-long.

What else is planned for Q4? I've made plans to use this stack of fabric with another of my designs, building them like log cabin blocks and then cutting them in fourths. I'll definitely do a test block for that!

One of my friends handed me one of her unfinished quilt projects, a t-shirt quilt for a relative of hers. She is over it but wants it done, and I took it on.

I'm not sure how much time I will really have for Q4, given that it is a busy time of year for my family and my job. But I always stack a few just in case, so quilt plan 4 is:
A quilt using another of my quilt designs, a wavy patchwork using leftovers from that quilt top, and this charm pack of Enchanted.

And planned quilt 5 is a quilt for a friend using this set of fabric and Allison Harris' Diagonal Strip quilt pattern.

Looking forward to seeing these quilt designs turned into reality, even if some don't end up finished until next year!


  1. Great projects, good luck finishing them! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.


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