brownie - another little November quilt

With some of the last bits of brown in the scrap bin, I pieced together some rail fence blocks. Little ones, maybe 3-1/2". At first I ended to do something else with them, like maybe a larger sawtooth star block, but in the end I stuck with the brown rail fence blocks all lined up in alternating alignment. I think I finished it up last weekend. The last three days are a bit of a blur with church/work events so I know it was before then.

It ended up at about 19" x 25" after washing. I was able to use even more of the brown scraps for the binding, and was super glad I hadn't cut everything up in little strips for the blocks! I am not so found of brown but I think it ended up cute. To keep with the neutrals, I used a couple of fabrics that I've had forever in my bin for the back. I separated them with a cream polka dot, but as I look at it now I would probably make a different choice if I were to start over.

Next up are a few little pouches and probably a lot of "therapy" sewing to decompress from the last three days! And that whole holiday thing. Happy thanksgiving!


  1. That is so darling. My brown scrap bin is ready for the same treatment. Love the little animal peeking around.

  2. Super cute!! Love the backing fabric too!


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