end of the season

Both of my children finished up the fall soccer season this weekend. My daughter played with a new team this year and really enjoyed her new coach and teammates.
They struggled a bit at the beginning but finished the season with a string of wins. They are looking forward to next season! Grace played defender but did venture up field a bit in this last game. It seemed like her soccer brain switched on, with some powerful down field kicks, goal kicks, and few more chances to dribble the ball up the field than in previous games.

It was colder, so that may have helped her want to move around a bit more.

After her game we headed to Isaac's tournament in Edmond. That game ended in a loss but as the day ended, they learned they had made it to the semi-finals on Sunday.

I let Grace take some pictures. She was fascinated with trying to catch the ball in the air.
It looks like it is going into outer space. There were also some interesting pictures. Hers typically were a bit slanted but she got some interesting scenes:

Isaac typically plays defender but they shifted to a 4-4-2 formation in some of the tourney games, so he also played midfield.

And here he is as tall as the water tower.

This game ended at 1-0. I was not at the final game so no game pics. After overtime and penalty kicks, they won! This picture was taken by one of the team dads:

An exciting, exhausting, and thrilling end to another soccer season.