November quilt 2 -- an itty bitty one--and more

The week has been a full one, both at work and at home. My daughter and I had Sunday afternoon free so we finally started some of our fabric dyeing projects. Our first project was to dye some white patterned fabrics. The dye adheres to the fabric but not the printed pattern. I had purchased a few half yards when they were super cheap a month or so ago and cut them into fat quarters so we could each have a set.

And our final fabrics (arranged by my daughter):

We also started on some "wax resist" using gel glue. Hot wax is scary and the cleanup even more so. Gel glue not so much.
We used the two methods we had read about, using the bottle directly to draw on the fabric and stamping the glue. We used dish towels for these. I think I was the only one who ended up stamping the glue. It took a full day to dry, so a couple of days later we squeezed in one more quick dye session.

We both loved how these turned out.

Next time we will find some natural items to use as our dye, which should be fun in the gathering and as we see the colors.

Meanwhile on Monday I finished up the itty bitty doll quilt. It ended up about 13" x 16" or so.

I had a short visit with the friend who asked for this doll quilt that day and ended up thinking a lot about making other things besides quilts. Things I have been a bit leery to try like little stuffed animals and zipper pouches and all of those things in my quilt books and magazines that I skip over. And so now my sewing area looks like this

with the same amount of stacks and piles on the nearby bench and floor. At least I might have some fun Christmas gifts to give out of this new sewing craziness!


  1. Oh you definitely have to try a zipper pouch! You'll make one and then wonder why you didn't make one years ago! Your dyeing adventures look like lots of fun.

  2. your sewing area looks a lot like mine hahaha
    I think it is because of massive creativity
    What fabrics do you buy (for example, what brands) to dye.
    Do some brands work better than others?
    This looks like loads of fun, but I do not like crummy results.
    Which do you feel is the brand/manufacturer that gives you the best result.
    Thank you loads for the inspiration


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