dreaming of spring

It has been so cold but we had a bit of break from it yesterday, with sunshine and temperatures in the 60's. I always notice on those days--or when spring finally arrives again--that I feel like I have been hunched up and can finally relax again. We stayed outside most of the afternoon. Just in time for that brief reminder of spring, I finished a little quilt full of spring colors in the morning.

During Thanksgiving sales I bought a charm pack of Vintage Daydreams and with it a free Deal of the Day charm pack of white squares from Missouri Quilt Company. I decided to try out one of my designs from the October design challenge.

With the 2 charm packs, I ended up with enough for this design plus on more row. I quartered the 5" squares and then made 16 patch blocks. After I finished all those and squared them up a bit, I paired it with a white square the same size (I'm thinking it was around 8 1/4" or so), drew a diagonal line and then sewed a seam a 1/4" on either side to make half square triangles. Four of those were sewn into the large pinwheel and then pieced into rows and then the top, with the extra HST added along the bottom. I thought about making a pinwheel with them and using on the back, but that still would have left two. I was also planning to use flannel on the back and don't like mixing flannel with standard quilting cotton.

This should be my last quilt finish of the year, unless I get snowed in next week and finish up the t-shirt quilt I've started.  Thankfully those sort of temperatures aren't in the forecast yet!


  1. Dear Angela, Merry Christmas. This quilt is beautiful
    I actually LOVE how the chain hsts ended up smaller.
    Did you intend that, or was that just a result of the quarter inch seam?
    Either way, I love it. I love the effect.
    This quilt design is very pretty. I am tired of "pinwheels" but this is totally different.
    Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration.
    Happy Christmas and new year

    1. I had to doublecheck what you meant about the chain HST. Yes, I think it was because of the quarter inch seaming for the HST's. Thank you so much and merry Christmas to you as well!


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