a photo shoot

I've known for a bit that I have not really devoted any sort of time to my etsy shop for my quilts, aside from adding some occasionally. I do want to sell these quilts however, especially some of the older ones sticking around from when I first opened the shop. After talking to a friend about it, I knew the first thing that needed to happen is to update some of the pictures of the quilts. And with an ongoing sale, it was time for me to register for updates (and the original content) of SnapShop, an online photography course I had taken a year or two ago.

Saturday afternoon was overcast (which I learned from the online course was a great time for photos) but not too cold, so a recruited a helper and headed out in the neighborhood to find some places to take photos. I didn't have to go far, spying some fun areas at the neighboring houses. Leaves and railings and rock walls and metal gates, perfect places to try.

I didn't notice that cup when I took the photo!

We had one last quilt but at this point, we were starting to lose our clouds. That was lovely but made photos a bit trickier. And my "quilt stylist" helper was getting a bit pickier about arranging things--or wandering off a follow a goose or squirrel.

We ended the day with a few photos great for updates though, and I will keep an eye out for more overcast days and interesting places for the next few on the list. It was great getting to spend that one-on-one time with my daughter, being creative and enjoying our warmer weekend weather. I need all the sunshiny days I can get!