first quilt of 2017

As expected, the warm weather last week slowed down my quilt finish. We spent time outside and even made a trip out of town for a bit of hiking and just being out of town time (pictures to come soon). Off and on though I did work on the t-shirt quilt and finally finished it up Monday, after a trip to visit these guys:

One of our family presents this year was a family season pass, so we will be visiting them lots!

I came home, added the binding, then tossed the quilt into the wash. Then got to touch up the binding. Not doing so well on those lately so I guess that can be something to work on for the new year.

Now it is cold again so I wanted to find an indoor spot for the photos. The t-shirts are all softball themed so I decided to bring it along with me to the gym this morning to stay with the athletic theme.

LOTS of softball shirts. I had one more row along the bottom but discovered that made a quilt longer than packaged quilt batting so I pulled that row off and used it for the back, along with a neutral gray I hoped would go well with such a variety of shirts.

Glad to have a new finish for the year and excited about some more quilts on the list (and in piles ready to go in my sewing room).


  1. Tee shirt quilts are so very personal - who is this one for?

    1. The daughter of my cousin's friend. I was able to finish it before she went back to college for her spring semester.

  2. Honestly, I've never been a big fan of T-shirt quilts. Yours is seriously one of the nicest ones I've ever seen! And I love that you put a row of them on the back. Really well done, congrats!


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