when it was warmer

I'm working on a red and white quilt for a friend but don't have a finish for today, at least not yet, so it's time to post the pictures of a little trip we took out of town before school started this semester. When it was much warmer and friendlier outside.

We visited the Chickasaw National Recreation Park, which is about a mile south of us in Sulphur. It's also a frequent choice for our camping trips since it is fairly close. It makes it easy to get there without spending all day in the car--and easy to come home if there are no camping spots available. This trip was more about hiking though, and just being outside. My daughter was able to bring a friend which I know she loved after being away from friends for most of break.

Last time my son was here was for a cross country practice, and was a practice where his group got a bit lost and ended up running 6 miles. While we drove around after the hike, he showed me where all they went--which was pretty much everywhere in the park. And because we were driving around to see where all we went (and to remind the kids of our last camping spot there), we also saw a couple of deer!

Also nearby is the Chickasaw Cultural Center, but we really didn't have time and the outdoor part wasn't open, so we stopped at the Bedre chocolate factory instead and then headed back home. Because all hikes should end with a bit of chocolate.


  1. It is good to get out and enjoy fresh comfortable temperatures when we can
    Dad and I went to Lowes in Leesburg then we drove over to the park on the Potomac river, Red Rock Overlook. We walked in the woods. It was nice, but our shoes got kind of - a lot - muddy.
    It was fun, and we watched chunks of ice floating down the river


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